Business Engineers Asia

Helping Companies Expand Into ASEAN and India While Minimising Risks and Costs



Finding The Right Prices, Products and Growth Strategies

Finding Product-Market Fit

By assessing your value proposition we test your products through online and offline sales channels to provide you with real-time actionable market data

Building Trust In Customers

By providing you with our support throughout the supply chain process, from customs to consumers we ensure your products reach the hands of your customers in a seamless way

Building Scalable Growth

Through our offline and online partnerships and channels, we help you build an actionable growth plan with you having full control over your brand strategies and sales margins

Helping You Navigate Through The Dynamic ASEAN And Indian Markets In A Lean and Effortless Way With Our Direct-To-Market Expansion Model

Wasted Assets

To grow you would need to send one of your employees into the country of expansion, invest into an office, hire new staff and pay for travelling, lodging and networking expenses.

Incorrect Products

A lot of time and effort needs to go into assessing the market trends, building channels to test your products, managing customer feedback and processing real-time market data

Poor Partnerships

Finding the right channels and distribution partners could erode your brand values. You'll find it hard to have control over your products and sales margins.



As a group of online and offline product growth specialists in the Asian and African region, we've been through the challenges of trying to expanding into new markets. Through the build-learn-measure methodology, we regularly Innovate, Create and Enhance on the critical paths needed to help our clients achieve success by finding product-market fit with minimal time and resources.


We partner with Embassies, High Commissions and Trade Associations to help launch over 200 brands and 5000 SKUs of products through multiple offline and online channels within months.

Data-driven Analytics

Through live market data on your sales, customer sentiments and market conditions, we advise you on the most cost effectiveness market expansion strategy .


With a minimal fixed fee, we help with all product registrations, licensing, e-commerce listings, warehousing and unlimited order fulfilment.

Fixed Cost

Pre-market Testing

Through real-time market data from our sellers and on-ground experimentation, we help you assess the feasibility of your product range.


Through our licenses and partnerships we help you with the importation and delivery of your products from customs to warehouse with little effort from you

Ease of Importation

Breaking The Norm For Consultancy To Help SMEs Through The Most Unique And Efficient Expansion Strategy With Our Lean Direct-To-Market Approach

The Business Entry Program

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Working With BEA

Frequently asked questions

Q. How does BEA charge the service fee?

We charge a fixed service fee based on the number of pallets and storage conditions of the products.

Q. What is 1 pallet space?

.1 pallet space is equivalent to 1 cubic metre.

Q. Are there any additional charges from the sales of your goods?

There are no additional charges when it comes to picking and packing, label pasting, bundling and receiving deliveries.

Q. How many days of fulfilment support is provided?

We provide 7 days week support.

Q. How many SKUs can I put in a pallet?

Unlimited SKUs within a pallet space, as long they are within the 1 cubic metre.

Q. Which are the channels BEA can assist in?

We are supporting, Redmart, Fairprice marketplace, Shopee, Lazada, Q10, personal website orders, Doctors Anywhere, Food Panda, Grabmart, and even offline orders.

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